Keep a handle on those pestly birds

Birds can be a real pest at times, whether its pigeons/doves, crows or seagulls. Messing where ever they perch themselves. We can think to ourselves sometimes “Can this mess from these birds affect my property value?”

Bird droppings actually can damage your property and is very unsightly. Prevent this with Bird Spikes. That is why I offer bird control “Bird Spikes“. Harmless to the animal, it is made of a polycarbonate UV resistant plastic with very thin “spikes” that will discourage the bird from perching itself on you gutterswall, roof or even windowsills. (Where ever you need it).

The spike is 1 metre and only requires three or two points to secure them. Not like the 300mm spikes that are available which needs more to cover 1 metre. This isn’t one of those money making electrical devices that requires you having to call out a professional to install and set it up, and then paying forever afterwards for the electricity or maybe even batteries that it requires to keep it running/working.

If you have any questions about our bird deterrent spikes you can contact us via the form.


There are a couple of ways in which you can do it yourself when installing the bird spikes, depending on the type of surface you will be fastening to.

Silicone Bird SPikes

Silicone Bond

This adhesive is exceptionally strong, but flexible, specially formulated to handle dramatic temperature changes without cracking. It adheres our bird spikes to most surfaces. For best results, make sure the mounting surface is dry, completely cleaned and prepped. Full cure is in 24 hours at normal temperatures, but under some circumstances it can be workable in as little as four hours.

Self Tapping Screws

Fasten bird spikes easily to metal surfaces with these self-tapping screws.

Stainless Steel Wood Screw with Masonry Anchor

These screws will tightly anchor our bird spikes to any wooden structures or use the plastic anchor for secure installs in concrete or masonry.

Cable Ties

These will securely fasten our bird spikes to any surface that is very small in diameter or too hard for penetrating with a drill. For example, burglar bars or trees branches hanging over an open area that has people walking under or cars parking beneath it.